Millennium 2
Lisbeth Salander has taken a while: you need to depart from the limelight and out of Stockholm. Try to follow a strict discipline and did not answer calls and messages from Mikael does not understand why he disappeared from his life without giving any explanation. The wounds of love Lisbeth cure alone, but try to mislead the disenchantment with the study of mathematics and certain pleasures happy in a Caribbean beach.
And Mikael? The great hero, the super Blomkvist, lives a good time in Millennium, the magazine's finances sound and professional recognition from peers and media. You now have in hand a report that offers a fascinating couple, Dag and Mia, on trafficking and prostitution of women from East.

The lives of our two protagonists seem to have completely separate, and while ... a girl, tied to a bed supports a day and another day the horrible views of a contemptible, and without saying a word, he dreams of a match and a can of gasoline, shaped to cause the fire to end all.

For more information about the actress who plays Lisbeth Salander (Noomi Rapace) you can enter in this page: www.noomi

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